Why using a home stager is so important… Have you ever cut your own hair?

By May 2, 2016DIY, staging

Let’s admit it, at some point in our life, most of us have cut our own hair.  Why did we do it?  To save money, or save time, or we figured that we’ve seen our hair get cut enough times that it can’t be that hard right?  Let’s talk about the results of that do-it-yourself haircut…

Did it look stylish?  Did it highlight your positive features and downplay your least favourite features?  Did at look as good as that time you went to that amazing salon?  Probably not so much…

Why is that?  Whether we want to admit it or not, sometimes you get what you pay for.  Becoming an expert in any industry is not an easy accomplishment, and there’s a reason people will pay for a good haircut, instead of trying to do it themselves.  An expert has the training and ability to see what you don’t see and most importantly, they know how to bring it to fruition.  They can guide us and offer advice and take us from ho-hum to va-va-va-voom!  How are they able to do that?  They have skill and experience, their business is to stay on top of current trends, and they have a creative eye. They might convince you that its finally time to get rid of your 80’s mullet, or talk you out of a spiral perm—and yes, you may not want to hear it, but eventually you’ll thank them for it.

So, if you wouldn’t walk around with a do-it-yourself haircut because it isn’t the best representation of yourself, why would you not apply the same philosophy into the selling of your house?

Since your house is most likely your biggest investment, the decision to sell your house is a life-changing moment.  Once the decision is made to sell, most buyers ultimately, have the same goal:  to sell fast and get the most money for their house.  The same principles mentioned above can be applied to home staging.

Staging your own home can’t be that difficult right?  Throw some colourful pillows on a couch, add a bouquet of flowers and ta-da!  Not exactly.  A professional stager will formulate a design plan which includes targeting the right demographic, space planning & traffic flow, coordinating existing furniture/art/accessories and bringing in new pieces, if necessary.  All of these things are specifically customized to accentuate your house’s best features and create an emotional connection that will make someone walk in to you house and fall in love with it.

Since your home is your biggest asset, please do some research first.  When you’re doing your due diligence on successful home selling techniques, what inevitably pops up?  Home staging of course!  The more you research, the clearer your selling strategy will become, because the answer is the same for almost every property, from a tiny condo to a sprawling estate home…

Step 1:  declutter
Step 2:  clean
Step 3:  hire a professional stager
Step 4:  hire a reputable realtor
Step 5:  get professional photos done

These 5 steps will give your house the BEST POSSIBLE chance of getting noticed online and will absolutely create more interest in your property and give you a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace.  All of which will ultimately lead to you selling faster, for a higher price—these are indisputable facts.  Research has shown that on average, a staged home will sell for 6.7% more (National Association of Realtors), and will spend 73% less time on the market (Real Estate Staging Association).

So please put down the scissors and call a professional!

Tara Bergdoll, CCSP
Transcend Staging Ltd.