Tips to get your house ready for the market

By March 6, 2016DIY, staging


Potential homebuyers make up their mind in the first 90 seconds of arriving at your property, so the exterior is critical

  • ensure exterior lighting and doorbell are functional
  • remove snow & ice from walkways in winter
  • trim back hedges & mow lawn
  • remove all kid’s or pet’s toys from yard
  • remove weeds and any dead flowers or leaves
  • remove garbage/recycling bins from front of house
  • remove garden tools and empty pots from yard
  • ensure fences, gates & garage door are functional
  • clean windows, front door & mailbox
  • clean gutters and ensure they’re functional
  • invest in a new welcome mat


Since the goal is to sell your property, look at this as an opportunity to begin the packing process

  • deep clean entire house including carpets, windows & appliances
  • do a serious declutter and donate, sell, or recycle unwanted items
  • open windows to remove any odors before a showing
  • complete minor household repairs
  • edit and organize closets/cupboards
  • box up seasonal clothing, extra toys & books and put into storage
  • declutter all tabletops and kitchen and bathroom counters
  • hide garbage cans and pet bowls/accessories for photos and showings
  • make beds and ensure floors are clear for photos and showings
  • pack up all family photographs, framed certificates & religious items


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