Staging Small Spaces: 5 Tips for Home Staging Your Condo

Photo of a bright, nicely staged condo living room

We love staging homes of all sorts, and condos are no different! But cozy little condos do present some unique challenges when it comes to optimizing a property for traffic flow and creating a sense of uncluttered, open space.

How do you stage small spaces, like a condo, so that they look bigger? What’s the best way to guide for traffic flow while still making it habitable?

All good questions! Read on to learn some quick and easy answers.

Staging for a Sense of Space

The thing about condos is that they tend to be fairly small spaces, often less than 1000 square feet. This sort of limited space creates some unique challenges for home stagers – our job is to balance space in a way that is enticing to a majority of people, and it’s always easier to balance space when there’s more space available!

Lucky for you, we’ve been home stagers in Calgary for a long time now and have learned more than a few “tricks of the trade” when it comes to home staging for condos. So if you’re preparing to stage and sell your condominium then here are 5 great tips & tricks to help you make the most of your property’s space.

Top 5 Tricks for Staging Condos:

1. Windows: Light is a huge part of staging any space, and condos are no different. In fact, optimizing the amount of natural sunlight that comes into a condo is one of the biggest things you can do to help stage and sell it.

When looking at windows and window treatments, choose either sheer curtains or drapes that are the same colour as the walls. Also, be sure to keep the curtains and drapes open in order to let natural light flow in.

2. Mirrors: Maybe your condo doesn’t have many windows, or maybe the windows it does have don’t get the best light. Don’t worry – there are still many ways to maximize the amount of natural light that flows through your space.

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are a great (and cost-efficient) way to get the most out of your natural lighting situation. Mirrors reflect both light and views, so try to place them strategically so they both brighten it up and reflect some cool views.

3. Colour Palettes: This may seem like an obvious thing to some, but you’d be surprised how many condos we stage where we walk in to find dark colour palettes dominating the atmosphere.

Light, neutral colour palettes (such as shades of white and beige) or monochromatic palettes that favour lighter colour tones are ideal. Bright, light tones reflect natural light and open up a space.

A great tip we like to share with our clients is to paint the walls, trim, and detailing different shades of one colour. For example, if you choose to paint your walls a light birch then you’d want to paint your baseboards a slightly darker sand and your trim in a similar shade to your baseboards (and then stand back and be amazed at what a dramatic difference this makes!)

4. Have “Fun” with Light Fixtures: Homeowners often neglect lighting fixtures when it comes to preparing their home for the market… Which is a shame! With so many unique, affordable, and easy-to-find lighting options available today there’s no reason not to spice it up by adding something better than the generic Canadian Tire special.

A well-placed, distinctive lighting fixture not only adds a splash of fun – it also creates a focal point with which to anchor a room.

5. Emphasize the Vertical: The strategic use of tall shelving, long drapes, and other accents and décor that emphasize height work wonders in creating a sense of having more room than actually exists.

Coffered and beamed ceilings are also great for creating a sense of vertical space while also adding some character to a condo, but if you’re not prepared to go that far then you could also consider adding some painted texture on your ceilings instead.

We know this can be a lot to process for some. After all, worrying about everything that’s involved with just putting a property on the market can be overwhelming enough! Add to that the details of engineering your place in a way that makes it appealing for a broad spectrum of potential buyers and, well… That’s when most people contact us.

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