How to Use the Psychology of Colour in Selling Your Home

Home staging psychology of colour banner image of woman thinking in front of yellow wall

Did you know that you can potentially increase your property’s final selling price by tens of thousands of dollars simply by painting it with the right colours?

You can, and it’s one of the easiest ways you can create a more appealing and market-ready property that attracts the attention of potential buyers.

In this article, we share the best colours to use and the best areas in which to use them.

Professional Staging Advice: Painting Your Home For Sale

There are two questions that people regularly ask us:

  1. “Should I paint my house prior to listing it for sale?”
  2. “What colour should I paint my house before trying to sell it?”

We love these questions because they mean the seller is committed to creating a great, inviting, and neutral palette that sellers are looking for.

These questions also mean that the seller is receptive and responsive to professional input on how to best make their home truly marketable… And that is something that virtually guarantees a successful home sale!

Making Changes that Matter

As professional home stagers, we implement changes to a property that make it appealing to as many buyers as possible.

One of the (many) tricks we employ is updating the paint colour to a warmly neutral hue that blends well with a wide variety of décor and style preferences. This neutral, accommodating colour scheme helps buyers feel like they can create a home of their own in that space.

It also helps to significantly increase your chances of selling that property more quickly and for a stronger price.

What follows are 4 professional staging tips on where and what to paint. We use these tricks to help our clients, and hope that they’ll also help you make the most out of colour psychology so that you too can maximize your home’s selling potential.

1. A Lighter Shade of Pale

The real estate listings service claims the selling price of a home where the exterior is painted in shades of “greige” – that is, where the outside is painted in shades that vary from light grey to beige – sells for approximately $3500USD* more than a house painted with other shades. (* At the time of posting this, $3500USD works out to $4,545CAD.)

So not only do light earth tones brighten a residence and create the feeling warmth and freshness, they also increase your home’s sale profits!

2. 50 Hues of Blues

Blue is also a big favourite for buyers. The same study found that homes painted in paler shades blue, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms, had substantially higher selling prices.

Though the reasons for this are open to debate, the prevailing theory is that blue has a calming effect that makes buyers feel they can move into the space easily and without added work.

3. Colour Favourites vs. Favourite Colours

The biggest recommendation we make when consulting with our clients on paint colours is to stay away from extreme colours or bright hues – even if they happen to be your favourite colour! They may be your top choice, but studies have shown they devalue the property and scare away buyers.

Just remember: When in doubt, go white.

In other words, if something about the above mentioned neutral, earthy colour palettes truly goes against the very fibres of your being then the next best option to go stick with a tried & true classic: White.

Though certainly not our #1 paint colour of choice, a white (or, preferably, cream coloured) wall is much easier for potential buyers to envision painting over than, say, Kool Aid orange or deep fuschia.

For more on the importance of de-personalizing your home before listing it, check out our recent blog post on the topic.

4. From the Inside, Out

Lastly, every good home stager worth hers or his salt should remind clients not to neglect the exterior of the property!

The outside of your home is literally the first impression that buyers have when coming to view it, so it makes good sense to pay some quality attention to its appearance.

For your property’s exterior, staying with warm earth tones of browns and greys are most appealing to buyers. And don’t forget the front door! A fresh coat of paint on the door in black, slate grey, or navy blue could bring you an extra $8,100CAD.

Also, make sure that the door is clean with new weather stripping and no rust on the handles or hinges. We’ve seen how easy it is for homeowners to overlook details like minor hinge rust and old weather stripping, but these are the details that potential buyers will immediately spot.

Rethinking the Room Paint

To sum up, fresh paint in lighter shades not only makes a room look fresh; it also helps the buyers to imagine themselves living in that space… And when buyers can see themselves living in a space is when they’re that much closer to calling it “home”.

This is why we truly feel that the best initial advice any home stager can give clients is to add a fresh coat of paint (and to choose a professional that knows which colours help a property sell faster!)

Here at Transcend Staging, we specialize in giving your property a competitive advantage by making it feel warm and welcoming, creating a vision that motivates buyers to recognize its best strengths and fall in love with it!

Want to know more, or have a home staging project you’d like help with? Then feel free to contact us – we’re here to help and just a click away!