Home Staging + Professional Photos: A Dynamic Home Selling Duo

By October 12, 2018Realestate, staging
Feature image of 2 real estate photographers with home staging shots

Making Your Property Listing Picture Perfect

As professional home stagers with tons of practical experience staging homes in Calgary’s real estate market, we have loads of tips & tricks to help a listing look more appealing to buyers!

While there are lots of great tips & tricks hiding up our sleeves, one of our biggest recommendations is always to have professional photos done by an experienced real estate photographer. Next to home staging, great photographs are a huge influencing factor when selling a home.

Why? Because we live in a visual and digital world!

Realtor.org states 92% of homebuyers begin their home search on the internet. As such, this means that without eye-catching staging and fantastic photos that work to immediately capture the buyer’s attention, people are likely just scrolling past your listing.

What’s more, homes with high quality photos also sell 32% faster and for more money.

When it comes to photographing your real estate listing, we have three basic recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Set the Stage!

Before the photographer even shows up, make sure the property is professionally staged! (This may sound biased, but the proof is in the research.) Buyers need to be able visualize themselves living in your space. They want to feel an emotional connection to a property and be able to look at it as a place to call “home”. If the home is staged poorly (or not at all), buyers often cannot see past the clutter, dated furniture or unfurnished rooms. Buyers want to see the potential of a property and home staging helps complete the vision.

A professional home stager can also offer advice on how to get the home ready for photos. We often recommend that the client take photos of the staged house on the client’s smart phone so the client can re-create the pillow and décor placement when the photographer arrives.

Quick FYI: A qualified stager will recommend closing all toilet lids and removing garbage cans and cleaning supplies so these items are not immortalized in the online pictures!

  1. Choose the Right Photographer.

An experienced real estate photographer knows that even real estate photography is more art than science and can compose a photo to inspire the targeted emotion in the buyer.

Worthwhile photographers know how to work with lighting and angles in order to capture images that make a home look even more desirable. They can even create lifestyle photos or “vignettes” throughout the home to showcase different features.

While it may seem obvious to some, it’s worth pointing out that great real estate photos are not taken on a smart phone and just posted online without strategic thought!

Photo of an amateur real estate photograph

Example of a normal, “amateur” real estate photo.

Example of a professional real estate photo

Example of a pro photo… Can you see the difference?

Good real estate photographers can also enhance and edit the photos to make them as close to perfect as possible. This doesn’t mean changing the photos so that the property is unrecognizable, but just bringing out the colours and features that already exist.

  1. Pick the Photos that Best Represent Your Home’s Strengths.

After the photos are finished, the important task is to select the images that best portray the property to the perspective buyers. There should be a maximum of 10 exterior shots and 10 interior shots. Included in these selections should be photos that emphasize bright, open spaces – particularly in rooms like the kitchen, living room, family room, etc. On the flip side, there should not be many photos of storage rooms, toilets or garages.

Buyers like to look at the photos in sequential order that mirrors how they would view it in-person, from the front exterior shot, then going through the home’s interior, and ending with a different (and amazing) exterior photo.

Great real estate photos are crucial to a quick sale because they create a positive first impression that encourages buyers to come and view a property. Before you get your listing online, be sure the property is well staged and ready for a professional photographer. Then make sure the photographer you (or your realtor) use is experienced with real estate photo shoots.

Check out this great article from The Close, a real estate website dedicated to providing valuable insight into the real estate world. The article features real-world, informative tips on real estate photography that anyone can use.

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