Hohoholiday Home Sales – Make Your Property Shine!

By December 14, 2017News, Realestate

There is a myth that selling your home over the holidays is a bad idea… Yet while this may have rung true before the Age of the Internet, it’s really is only a myth in these high-tech times.

Yet the myth persists and, as such, the holiday season may still not be the most popular time to sell a house. However, there are at least 4 very important reasons to consider listing your home during the holidays.

What follows are 4 great reasons to list your house over the holidays, as well as some very handy tips for making your property listing shine during the holiday season. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie and keep reading!

Reasons to list your home over the holidays #1: Decreased Market Competition.

One of the top reasons to consider selling your home over the winter holiday season is that there are usually fewer homes on the market… Which means less competition for sellers!Less competition translates to more buyer attention for your home’s listing, which is why you need to make sure your home is looking its absolute best.

Reason #2: Serious Buyers Come Out to View.

The holidays tend to be a busy time for everyone. As a result, the majority of people who take the time to house shop over the holidays tend to be much more serious about buying.

Whether it’s taking time to peruse online listings or to physically view a property, it’s those truly motivated buyers who include house shopping in their holiday schedules.

Reason #3: Homes Sold Over the Holidays Makes the Most Money.

The research is in, and homes sold during the holidays are more likely to sell closer to their listing price.

Redfin conducted a large study that looked at more than one million homes between 2011 and 2013 in 19 major markets… And they found some surprising results.

Houses that were listed from Dec. 21 through March 21 had a 9% greater chance of selling within 180 days and closer to the asking price then homes put on the market from March 22 through June 21.

The explanation for this is that home prices actually peak in late winter/early spring when the least number of properties are on the market. Again, the benefit of decreased competition for the win!

Reason #4: Tis the Season for Online House Shopping.

It’s when the weather is colder, the days are shorter, and the driving is more challenging that internet-based home searches increase – especially when the weather outside is truly frightful!

A frozen winter wonderland often plays a big role in online MLS searches. The logic behind this is that since pretty much everyone has an internet connection, the frostier winter weather inspires buyers to do their initial home searches online. As a result, your home’s online listing will get even more attention when the weather turns full on wintry (which is all the more reason to invest in professional home staging!)

Make Your Property Listing Shine!

Less competition translates to more buyer attention for your home’s listing, which is why you need to make sure your home is looking its absolute best.

Even though your listing is receiving more attention, it doesn’t guarantee buyers will want to actually come see your place. Any marketer can tell you that increased attention doesn’t necessarily equal more traffic.

There is a big difference between people seeing your listing and people wanting to view your listing. Decreased market competition allows more attention for your property listing – but whether this attention is warm & wonderful or downright chilly is a matter of the kind of initial impression your listing makes. If your property listing looks ho-hum or otherwise unimpressive, then the only favour you’re doing if for your competition!

Think of it like having a big, beautifully wrapped gift under the tree that’s surrounded by brown paper packages, all tied up with string… In comparison, that beautifully wrapped gift looks like a truly wonderful thing!

Helpful Holiday Staging Tips:

If you are selling your home over the holidays, here are some handy tips for things you can do to make your property stand out:

• Show professional photos of the exterior of your home in different seasons
• Have your home professionally staged and photographed before you do any holiday decorating
• Create blackout dates for viweings so you don’t have to worry about showings during important holiday events
• Keep the holiday décor tasteful and elegant – remember, less is more!
• Choose natural greenery over bright tinsel
• A touch of silver or gold is much more appealing than bright, bold colours
• Try to avoid décor that has a religious theme or is too personalized
• Play up the winter theme with candles, pillows, lanterns, and throws
• Keep the furnace at a comfortable temperature and put the fireplace on for showings
• Hot mulled apple cider and gingerbread cookies are a great way to add some lovely scents and welcome chilly house hunters
• Keep walkways shoveled and turn on all exterior lighting

Buyers need to walk in to a home and not be distracted by too many decorations or personal items. The goal is to help buyers fall in love with your property by making it feel warm and welcoming. Follow these tips and prospective buyers will start to imagine themselves making holiday memories in their new home!

Transcend the Competition.

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