Home Staging Gallery: Occupied Homes


We can’t count the number of times we’ve had clients call us and express concern over the “messy” look of their home. We always tell them the same thing – it’s really not a problem to stage an already occupied home, even a messy one! We totally understand that lived in homes look, well, lived in.

We are also totally prepared to work with whatever state of ordered cleanliness a home is in, whether it’s clean & pristine or in a “child-friendly” state of disarray – we’ve seen and staged it all!

This family home in Calgary’s Strathacona neighbourhood was a truly remarkable home staging transformation.  These clients chose to organize and sort away their more personal items before we got there in order to reduce some of the costs of staging.  These clients also decided to add a new coat of paint throughout the main floor prior to our arrival.  Once we got there, we added some tasteful area rugs, well coordinated light fixtures, art & accessories, plants, some beautiful new furniture items, as well as a number of soft accents and décor items throughout the house.

Lastly, we re-arranged much of the client’s existing furniture in order to really optimize the flow & accessibility of this home’s different spaces so that it was more inviting to potential buyers.

In the end, all this hard work paid off very handsomely! Our client was able to sell this house quickly and at a strong price, allowing them to move on up to a more suitable home for their growing family.


We had such a great time staging this light filled family home in Calgary’s Tuscany community! We always enjoy staging homes of all sorts, but we especially enjoy staging homes with large windows and picturesque views of our province’s gorgeous natural scenery (like this home has).

This client decided to declutter and depersonalize their living spaces prior to our arrival, saving both time and money on this home staging project.  As a result, they provided a wonderful “blank canvas” for us to work with… And work with it we did!

We brought in some beautiful new area rugs, various well coordinated lamps to light up the spaces where their large windows couldn’t reach, as well as several appropriate pieces of art, resilient plants, contemporary office furniture and décor items.  Lastly, we re-arranged the client’s existing furniture to encourage guided traffic flow during walk-throughs and to maximize the amount of natural light coming into the home.

In the end, we loved this transformation so much that we were secretly tempted to buy the house for ourselves! We didn’t though, and now another lucky family has the pleasure of calling this lovely house “home”.