Home Staging Gallery: Before & After


Here at Transcend Staging & Interiors, we absolutely love transforming a house (or condo or even tiny house) for sale into somewhere that potential buyers can picture themselves calling “home”. It’s this passion that keeps us always on the ball, researching new design trends and hunting for that next new piece of furniture or décor accessory that will truly bring a room together.

A spliced graphic of 3 rooms showing home staging services in Calgary from Transcend Staging.

What follows are just some more recent examples from our extensive portfolio of completed home staging projects. We have a healthy mix of vacant properties and occupied home staging projects here, but feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to see more of our portfolio or if you want to discuss your own home staging needs.

Springvalley Vacant Staging – Before and After

This vacant property sat unsold on a hot real estate market for 500 days! The home had some truly spectacular views of our beautiful Rocky Mountains, as well as a stunning deck. The sellers were baffled about why they were unable to successfully sell this great property.

The problem, however, was that it was a large, vacant, and completely unfurnished house that potential buyers simply couldn’t imagine calling “home”.

A huge issue with selling any unfurnished/un-staged home is that most buyers have too much trouble picturing themselves living in the place. This is because buyers will subconsciously use existing furniture as a template with which to compare and imagine their own furniture fitting there… And with a property this large, the open and unfurnished spaces were truly an overwhelming obstacle for buyers’ imaginations!

We were asked to come in and add our home staging magic to this gorgeous property. We’re incredibly proud to say that it was sold within two weeks of staging with competing offers at the listed price of $2.6 million! The talented designers here at Transcend highlighted the spectacular views and furnished the main floor in a way that effectively down-played some of the challenges with the huge open floor plan.

45th Street SW Staging – Before and After

This empty, renovated bungalow sat on the market for several months prior to vacant staging.  As with the Springvalley property above, buyers touring this cozy home simply could not envision themselves and their furnishings living in the place. They also had a hard time seeing the possibilities of having both an eating area and living area existing in the same open space.

We were delighted to be brought in to stage this charming bungalow! We fell in love with the beautiful dark hardwood floors and crisp, clean new cabinets and trim – we knew right away how we were going to stage it.

Our team of designers brought in some very special new furniture we had recently acquired – furniture that perfectly highlighted the new stainless steel appliances and custom cabinetry in the kitchen. This furniture also brought together the living and eating areas, thanks to the strategic use of complimentary colour tones mingled with splashes of lively green plants.

This, plus some well placed accent pieces, artwork and décor items, allowed us to help potential buyers fully imagine the many possibilities a floor plan like this can offer.

The change was fabulous and the house sold within weeks of staging.

Strathbury Occupied Home Staging – Before and After

This well laid out family home in the Strathacona neighbourhood of Calgary was an amazing transformation.

The clients decluttered and depersonalized prior to our arrival to save on some of the staging costs.  They also provided a freshly painted main floor for us to work with, which was a huge help to us.

After the homeowners took care of their part, our talented Transcend team brought in custom area rugs, complementary lamps, distinctively beautiful art pieces, gorgeous green plants, tasteful living room furniture, as well soft accent furnishings and décor items.  We also moved the client’s furniture to open up the spaces and make it feel more inviting.

Be sure to check out our occupied home staging section for more great after photos of this property!

Mission Home Staging – Before and After

This small condo in the downtown area of Mission was a great first time homebuyer’s property, but it sat for months in a declining real estate market with absolutely no offers. The issue was that prospective buyers couldn’t see themselves living there – all they saw when they walked through it was white, bare walls and matching floors with no readily-apparent charm.

We were invited to come in and stage this lovely condo, and we knew exactly what we were going to do! Transcend staged this condo with furniture that would appeal to a young city dweller by bringing in an inventory of high quality, contemporary staging furniture that perfectly complemented this condo’s colour scheme. We then placed the furniture and décor accessories strategically in order to accomplish 2 goals:

1. Emphasize this home’s cozy fireplace, newly renovated kitchen, and well-proportioned master bedroom, and showcase the beautiful downtown view
2. Encourage guided foot traffic that made visitors focus on each room in its own right before switching attention to the next

After just six weeks of being staged in a very tough market, this condo sold for the listing price and we couldn’t be more proud!

Strathcona Vacant Staging – Before and After

This bright, attractive two story family home sat completely vacant prior to staging the main floor and master bedroom.

We were only tasked with staging a portion of the home, but that’s all we needed in order to optimize this property’s fantastic floor plan and big, well-placed windows! A fresh coat of paint allowed our Transcend team to come in and give the property a fresh new look, and we took advantage of this by bringing in furniture and décor which was able to spark ideas and forge previously unrealized connections to the home’s spaces.

The property sold within two weeks of staging! And, at the risk of sounding cliché, this is just another stellar example of the true power of real estate staging.

Tuscany Occupied Home Staging – Before and After

This light filled family home in Calgary’s Tuscany neighbourhood was a wonderful occupied property for the Transcend team to stage.

The client decluttered and depersonalized prior to our arrival, which helped them to save a bit of money by saving us a bit of extra time.  In so doing, this client provided us with a great blank canvas to work with and we were very excited to take this property and bring it to the next level.

Our design team brought in coordinated area rugs, complementary lamps, vibrant artwork, plants, contemporary office furniture, and other appropriate décor items. We also re-arranged the client’s furniture to open up the spaces and make it feel more open, brighter, and inviting.

In the end, the sellers were beyond happy with the work we did and this house was able to sell for a truly handsome price!

We are immensely proud of what we accomplished with this property and encourage you to take a look through our occupied home staging page for more great after photos of this project.