Confessions of a Calgary Home Staging Company: Our 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions

By February 16, 2018DIY, staging
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As home stagers who work with Calgary’s competitive housing market, we regularly get a variety of questions about our job… But it’s surprising how often we get asked these 3 specific questions:

  1. What exactly is it that we do?
  2. How do we do it?
  3. What can people do to make their own homes more presentable?

We’re asked these same questions over and over again at parties, coffee shop conversations, and even from our own families!

It seems that while the concept of home staging is easy enough to grasp, the practice and purpose of our work isn’t always as clear.

Yet while we’re always happy to talk about staging Calgary homes, we’ve been asked these 3 questions enough times now that we thought a blog post dedicated to them was in order!

With this in mind, what follows will tell you what it is that we really do, a bit about how we do it, and some more tips for how you can become a mini “home staging yogi” yourself.

Read on to learn more…

What exactly is “home staging”?

Simply put, our #1 goal here at Transcend Staging is to make your home irresistibly appealing to potential buyers. We do this in order to get it sold quickly and for the best possible price… Pretty straight forward, right?

However, how we do it gets a bit more complicated! This isn’t just because we’re guarding lucrative trade secrets (though, to a degree, we are) – it’s mainly because each & every home staging project is different.

How do we do it?

Every home has its own unique charm, so what works great for one project simply won’t work at all for another – which is why we always offer our clients fully individualized staging plans.

We have the combined experience of decades in the Calgary property staging and real estate business, so we’ve had lots of time to fine tune our techniques and learn to anticipate the latest design trends. As a result, we’ve developed a fairly unique approach to home staging.

We’ve learned to take a fresh, unobstructed eye to each and every property we’re asked to work with. This way we are able recognize all opportunities for making a property truly shine (take a look through our portfolios to see examples of this!)

Some of our competitors prefer to take the “cookie cutter approach” to staging homes, but our years experience has proven that this approach never does justice to the distinctive details of the property being staged… And it’s these details that will make your property stand apart from the rest.

That said, there are certain top-level things that everyone can do to get their home looking presentation ready. These are things that will help you not just prepare your home for professional staging and/or putting it on the market, but also to help keep it looking good – even if you’re not getting ready to sell it.

What can people do to help make their own homes more presentable?

One thing that not many people know is that potential homebuyers make up their mind about a property within the first 90 seconds after arriving, so a presentable and welcoming exterior is crucial to keeping buyers actively interested. We’ve written about staging your own home before, but it’s definitely worth repeating.

Even before we arrive with our team to stage your home, there are some things that homeowners can do to give their place a competitive edge:

  • Ensure all the exterior lighting and doorbell are functional
  • Remove all snow & ice from walkways in winter
  • Trim back hedges & mow lawn
  • Organize and put away all children’s and pet’s toys from the yard(s)
  • Remove weeds, dead-head flowers, and clean up fallen leaves & branches
  • Remove garbage/recycling bins from the front of the house
  • Put away any gardening tools and unused pots & planters from yard
  • Ensure fences, gates, entryways, and garage doors are fully functional
  • Clean the windows, exterior doors, and mailbox
  • Clean the gutters & downspouts and ensure they’re working right
  • Invest in a new welcome mat (this is one detail that’s often overlooked)
  • Remove any rusted or decrepit lawn furniture and/or old barbecues

If you’ve decided to list your home on the market then you’ll want to do everything possible to help the right buyer fall in love with the place! The most effective way of doing this is to create the right space and atmosphere to evoke a positive emotional response.

There are many ways to elicit positive psychological responses from potential buyers, and this is something that we’ve spent years researching and perfecting. Everything from lighting and colour palettes to furniture arrangements and subtle, nature-inspired scents can work to promote a positive psychological response to your property.

Here’s a list of some of the basic things that homeowners can do to help bring out an instinctively positive impression of their property:

  • Deep clean the entire place, including carpets, windows, walls, and appliances (if the property has been home to a smoker, then you may have to do this more than once)
  • Do a serious de-cluttering and donate, sell, or recycle unwanted items
  • Ensure yours is a home that smells fresh & inviting by opening windows and removing unwanted odours
  • Complete minor household repairs and touch-ups
  • Edit and organize closets and cupboards
  • Box up seasonal clothing, extra toys and books and put into storage (preferably off-site storage, if possible)
  • De-clutter all tabletops, as well as kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Hide garbage cans and pet bowls/accessories for photos and showings
  • Make all beds and ensure floors are totally clear for photos and showings
  • Pack up all family photos, framed certificates and religious items
  • Spot clean any stained upholstery or carpets

Home staging is a hugely impactful part of any real estate marketing plan. While this blog post offers lots of info, tips, and helpful tricks from our extensive experience in professional home staging, there’s only so much the average person can accomplish without a professional home stager’s help. This is because professional home stagers have years of training and practical experience in turning homes for sale into showcase properties.

We offer professional staging services that will take any property to the next level.

We also have staging services to suit any budget. Contact us to find out how we can help turn your property into a truly marketable listings.