Confessions of a Calgary Home Staging Company: Our 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions

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As home stagers who work with Calgary’s competitive housing market, we regularly get a variety of questions about our job… But it’s surprising how often we get asked these 3 specific questions:

  1. What exactly is it that we do?
  2. How do we do it?
  3. What can people do to make their own homes more presentable?

We’re asked these same questions over and over again at parties, coffee shop conversations, and even from our own families!

It seems that while the concept of home staging is easy enough to grasp, the practice and purpose of our work isn’t always as clear.

Yet while we’re always happy to talk about staging Calgary homes, we’ve been asked these 3 questions enough times now that we thought a blog post dedicated to them was in order!

With this in mind, what follows will tell you what it is that we really do, a bit about how we do it, and some more tips for how you can become a mini “home staging yogi” yourself.

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Hohoholiday Home Sales – Make Your Property Shine!

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There is a myth that selling your home over the holidays is a bad idea… Yet while this may have rung true before the Age of the Internet, it’s really is only a myth in these high-tech times.

Yet the myth persists and, as such, the holiday season may still not be the most popular time to sell a house. However, there are at least 4 very important reasons to consider listing your home during the holidays.

What follows are 4 great reasons to list your house over the holidays, as well as some very handy tips for making your property listing shine during the holiday season. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie and keep reading! Read More

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All-time Best Improvements to Ready Your Home for Sale

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Home Staging Stats.

We like to say that effective home staging is both an art and a science, but when it comes to the returns you get from investing in professionally staging your home, it’s strongly on the science side.

A recent survey performed by HomeGain, for example, stated that hiring a professional home stager offered a whopping 196% return on investment. Yes, 196% ROI just from professionally staging your home. This is the kind of (comparatively) short-term investment return that stock brokers dream of… But what does it actually mean?

What it means is that for every $724 you spend on having a real estate listing professionally staged, you’ll see an average return of $2,145.

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Spring is Around the Corner… Get Your Property Ready for Spring Staging

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Are your clients thinking of selling this spring?  Are you getting your property ready for a spring sale?  Check out these tips to get started staging your home for sale this spring.  There are many things that can be done prior to hiring a home staging professional!  Get a head start and save time and money.

Don’t Let Poor Real Estate Photos Kill Your Home Sale!

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With almost all potential buyers looking at properties online first, great real estate photos are an essential part of the marketing plan.  Add superior real estate home staging with Transcend Staging and Interiors and you have a head start on marketing your property for sale.

Check out this article on to ensure you are not making these mistakes.


17 Elveden Point SW Vacant Staging

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This magnificently handcrafted country craftsman style home is located in Calgary’s Elveden community.  This spectacular house incorporates elegance, style and family comfort.  Upon entry, you are greeted by the custom handcrafted curved staircase and the feeling of luxury home grandeur.  The vaulted ceiling and abundance of windows allow for natural light to brighten the space.  The solid teak floors throughout are stunning. Home staging just brought it to the next level, helping it sell for a good price to a very satisfied buyer!

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